Are you struggling to keep up with your student bills? You’re not alone! In a recent interview with filmmaker Bill Forsyth, students at Cardonald Campus shared their experiences and insights on how to manage expenses while studying. From housing to groceries, bills can quickly add up and become overwhelming for university-age individuals.

The interview, which was posted on YouTube, provided valuable tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your finances while pursuing your education. Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

One of the biggest expenses for students is housing. Whether you live on campus or off-campus, rent and utilities can eat into your budget. The students at Cardonald Campus highlighted the importance of finding affordable housing options and shared their experiences of living with roommates to help split the costs. Additionally, Forsyth emphasized the importance of being proactive in searching for the best deals and not being afraid to negotiate with landlords.

Managing utilities such as electricity, water, and internet can be a headache for students. However, the interview participants discussed various strategies for reducing these costs, such as being mindful of energy usage and switching to cheaper service providers. Forsyth also suggested setting up automatic payments to avoid late fees and taking advantage of student discounts whenever possible.

Food expenses can quickly consume a significant portion of a student’s budget. The interviewees shared their favorite budget-friendly recipes and grocery shopping hacks, such as buying in bulk and meal prepping. Forsyth stressed the importance of creating a weekly or monthly budget for groceries and sticking to it to avoid overspending.

For many students, transportation costs can also be a major concern. Whether it’s public transit, car maintenance, or parking fees, getting around can be pricey. The students at Cardonald Campus discussed the benefits of using student discounts for public transportation and the convenience of carpooling with classmates. Forsyth encouraged students to explore alternative transportation options, such as cycling or walking, to save money on commuting.

While it’s important to be mindful of expenses, it’s also essential for students to have some fun. The interview participants shared their favorite budget-friendly activities, such as movie nights at home, game nights with friends, and exploring free events in the community. Forsyth emphasized the importance of finding a balance between financial responsibility and enjoying your college experience.

In conclusion, managing student bills can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and mindset, it is possible to stay on track financially. By being proactive, setting a budget, and seeking out resources and discounts, students can alleviate some of the stress associated with expenses. The insights shared in the interview with Bill Forsyth and the Cardonald Campus students serve as a valuable resource for university-age individuals navigating their financial responsibilities. With the right approach, students can successfully manage their bills and focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress.

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